About me

I am Hymne, and I used to play on the Snowbourn EU server, these days it’s Laurelin. I have been playing Lord of the Rings Online since EU beta and have a lifetime subscription. Though Lotro for most players is about gear, for me Lotro is about outfits. Whenever I loot items, receive them as quest rewards, find them on the auction house or barter them after doing an instance, I check its appearance with the preview feature (ctrl+leftclick). For me it’s all about the looks, not about the stats. Most players would probably think I am crazy, and playing Lotro the wrong way.

From 2011 to 2014 blogging about Lotro outfits has been my passion.
Though I still play Lotro regularly and continue to collect outfits, I no longer keep the blog updated.
However I am still keeping the blog available for those who seek some inspiration!

Hope you enjoy.





  1. Freyjuska

    hi hymne! sorry for spamming here, but i didn’t find a contact on the site. i’ve started my own lotro cosmetic blog, could you please promote it? i listed yours in my links too. i consider your blog a great inspiration 🙂


  2. Melneth

    I found your site from casual stroll to mordor and absolutely love it! I was wondering if you would take requests for outfits? I have a male elf hunter as an alt and while I enjoy the class, I know I would love it so much more if I could find an outfit that I Iiked. My request is this, could you make an outfit for a male elven hunter (no robes as they would just get caught in the brush) that makes him actually appear masculine?

    • Hello Melneth, thank you for your comment. I can try to do something for a male elven hunter but whether or not that would be useful to you depends on what pieces of armour and what levels you have access to. I can try to make something but there is always the possibility that I use pieces that you need to replace for something else. Devonna from Lotro Stylist has access to a high level hunter, and she made a number of nice outfits. I suggest you also check out her designs: http://lotrostylist.wordpress.com/2011/04/12/an-elf/

  3. Hey Hymne,

    Im Caelas from the Laurelin server and although not as actively as others (RL prevents me from putting lots of time in LotRO but thats a good thing 😉 ) I also enjoy getting different outfits. I just like to say i love you blog and the outfits you have on them… good inspiration for me to get some more 😉

    If its ok ill sent you some outfits i have but i first have to make some nice screens… any tips on making those screens look really good?


    • Hello Caelas, thank you for your kind comment :D. I gave a short explanation about my screenshots in this comment. There is nothing special to it really, other than that I usually only take them outdoors and in daylight (from morning until afternoon), preferably a place with some sun.
      I don’t take guest submissions for my blog but if you do have some great shots I highly recommend you send them to Devonna from Lotro Stylist. She has a special guest submission blog: Friends of the Lotro Stylist, and she features the best submissions on her own blog. I would like to see what you send in!

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  5. Treelove

    Awesome blog. I to am also about outfits and pets to my loremaster. Keep up your good work spreading the word. Lotro is just like paper-dolls with their outfits. Among my favorites are the Robe from Halls of night and Mask of the Raven.
    Blessed Be
    Treelove/Treebliss/Treewyn on Gilrain

  6. Great blog, amazing outfits selection! I have added your blog to my kinship`s blog blogroll 🙂


    Congrats and keep up with the fantastic work!

  7. Osolep

    I am absolutely stunned at some of the outfits you have created, just beautiful. Makes me wonder why so many LoTROians have such bad fashion. 😉

  8. Elahndria

    Its amazing how you take items that i normally vendor away.. and make them into an awesome outfit! Thanks to you, I have no vault space now 🙂 I save almost every new look i find. Thanks for an awesome site!

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