Cosmetic Lotro

New Yule cosmetics added

If it weren’t for CSTM’s amazing network of curious Lotro players, it would have never occurred to me to check the Yule Festival barter again. Thank you Goldenstar for the alert!
Some very nice new outfit items have been added, so it’s back to cleaning up another round of unsightly spills! Yay!


Snowy & Pants (12 tokens)


Snowy Dress (12 tokens)


Snowy Hoodless Cloak (12 tokens)


Brisk Yule Cloak (12 tokens)

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  3. As soon as these came out I started working towards getting the cosmetics. I got the tunic (not hot on the dress) and the horse. I need to get that cloak before it goes away. Now that I know what it looks like dyed white I have to get it for my loremaster.
    Dying it red doesn’t do it for me, but I bet it would look wonderful dyed in Evendim blue.

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