Cosmetic Lotro

Yule Festival 2011 new cosmetics

A preview of the new cosmetics I found. Most of last year’s items are still there (see comment below), but there’s two new cloaks to barter for (in Frostbluff or at the festival grounds quartermaster), mostly to match the new Yule Festival mount.

Fancy Winter Cloak – 12 tokens

Warm Winter Cloak – 12 tokens
Bearskin Winter Cloak, Fancy Snow-cloak and Cloak of Winter Nights are now available in the Lotro Store, probably for the duration of the Festival only.

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  1. Pointy

    That top cloak is beautiful. :) Does it come in hooded/non-hooded versions?

    Also… No Fancy Snow Cloak?? Nooooo!!!! I loved that when you put it up recently and never saw it before. I’ve been looking forward to getting that one. :(

      • Pointy

        That other cloak is one I’d not seen before your post though, so I thought it must have been last year’s one. :(

        If I ask you really nicely, could I borrow it if it’s not BoA? I can flash it into my wardrobe and then send it back.

  2. I, too, feel very disappointed by the fact that I can’t get the old cloaks. I’m new to the game (didn’t play last year), but fell in love with all designs implementing them. :( I really hope it’s a bug (unlikely) or that we’ll at least get them from the store (unpleasant).

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