Cosmetic Lotro

Winter Festival Cosmetics & Mount 2013

Wintertide Robe – 35 Festival Tokens

Wintertide Cloak – 50 Festival Tokens + Tier 2 “the more the merrier”- deed
Wintertide Hooded Cloak – 50 Festival Tokens + Tier 2 “the more the merrier”- deed

WintertideSteedWintertide Steed – 80 Festival Tokens + Tier 1 “the more the merrier” – deed
Wintertide Caparison (war-steed cosmetic) – 100 Festival Tokens + Tier 3 “the more the merrier” – deed

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  1. Pointy

    Again with the no dresses. What’s going on?

    I like the big snowflake pattern on the back of the cloak and tunic, but that hooded cloak looks like someone with long hair wearing a hat and cape. ;)

    • It’s gotten really, really sad. The new pattern they’ve placed on these pieces is actually really pretty. It’s just a shame they can’t make an actual dress or tunic or a proper horse cosmetic.

  2. I like the thought behind it, but I miss cloaks that had believable looking fur, like the Cloak of Winter Nights and the Fancy Snow-Cloak, or any of the Lossoth cloaks. Not these new ones that look like some kind of itchy lichen growth, a la the Fancy Winter Cloak from last year and these offerings.

    Regardless, thanks for putting up the screenshots for us, Hymne.

  3. Oops, I meant the year before, and the Warm Winter Cloak. Last years cosmetics were awesome. Has anyone else noticed that this is the 4th festival in a row were the reward was modeled off the exact same old robe? The Westernesse Robe and its many iterations are okay, but couldn’t they build it off the sleeker and more professional looking post-Isengard cosmetics?

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