Cosmetic Lotro

Fall Festival Cosmetics & Mount 2013

Spooky Robe of the Bat – 24 Fall Festival Tokens

Spooky Cloak of the Bat – 24 Fall Festival Tokens
Spooky Hooded Cloak of the Bat – 24 Fall Festival Tokens

HarvestMount2013Spooky Steed of the Bat – 60 Fall Festival Tokens
Spooky Caparison of the Bat (war-steed cosmetic) – 60 Fall Festival Tokens

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  1. So this is what they do now: take old robe skin, put a new pattern on it. Put blanket on horse, change the pattern on it. A bit sad. They really made some wonderful cosmetics in the past.

  2. I love the patterns on the new cosmetics, though I’m not fond of the old robe skin. And the caparason looks more like a blanket or a Halloween-style tablechoth :p

    But I’ll be collecting these anyway!

  3. Lanark

    No dresses again. Are they being discontinued from the festivals? The robe and cloak are nice, but feel redundant since they always have the same shape and form. With such beautiful dresses from past festivals to compare to, the robe/cloak/tablecloth set is getting gloomy. Nothing new in the way of circlets either, which is kind of surprising.

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