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Yule Festival Cosmetics & Mount 2012

Here is a preview of the Yule Festival Cosmetics 2012 available from the barter in Frostbluff. Please take notice that there are also bound-to-account cosmetics dropping from a Sack of Presents (reward from the first Yule daily). Previews have been added to the bottom of this post.

WintryYuleRobe01  WintryYuleRobe02
Wintry Yule Robe – 40 festival tokens

WintryYuleCloak01  WintryYuleCloak02
Wintry Yule Cloak – 40 festival tokens

WintryYuleBackpack01  WintryYuleBackpack02
Wintry Yule Backpack – 50 festival tokens + 1 gold token + Tier 2

WintryYuleHat02  WintryYuleHat01
Wintry Yule Hat – 50 festival tokens + 1 gold token + Tier 2

YuleTreeCloak01  YuleTreeCloak02
Yule Tree Cloak – 50 festival tokens + 1 gold token + Tier 2

FestiveYuleMug  FestiveWineSkin
Festive Yule Mug – main/offhand – 30 festival tokens    Festive Wine Skin – main/offhand – 30 festival tokens

BunchofHolly  YuleSparkler
Bunch of Holly – main/offhand – 30 festival tokens     Yule Sparkler – main/offhand – 50 festival tokens

HornedSnow-beastCloak01  HornedSnow-beastCloak02
Horned Snow-beast Cloak – 70 festival tokens + 1 gold token + Tier 3

HornedSnow-beastBoots01  HornedSnow-beastBoots02
Horned Snow-beast Boots – 70 festival tokens + 1 gold token + Tier 3

The More The Merrier deed:
20 quests = Tier 1, +40 quests = Tier 2, + 60 quests = Tier 3
Tier 3 is a total of 120 daily quests completed.

Exchange rate: 100 festival tokens = 1 gold token
Spiral-hornedSnow-beastCloak01  Spiral-hornedSnow-beastCloak02
Spiral-horned Snow-beast Cloak – reward from Sack of Presents (daily) (bound to account)

WintryYuleCap01  WintryYuleCap02
Wintry Yule Cap – reward from Sack of Presents (daily) (bound to account)


The Wintry Yule Steed comes in two versions: the regular festival horse and a box of war-steed cosmetics. The normal horse is available for 80 festival tokens + 1 gold token and gated behind the completion of Tier 1 of the “The More The Merrier” deed. The war-steed cosmetics are available for 150 festival tokens + 1 gold token and gated behind the completion of Tier 3 of the “The More The Merrier” deed.

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  1. Douglas

    So you can exchange the normal tokens for the gold token? and do you still need to do the deed? to get the mount stuff? !! I HATE festival deeds !!

  2. Pointy

    I really don’t like any of those. The robe would be much nicer if you could dye the horrible red bit instead of just the chest. Same with the cloaks. The Snow-beast cloak would be kinda fun if it wasn’t that you’re supposedly wearing the hide of one of those animals.

    The Yule sparkler looks fun (I’m guessing it does actually sparkle), but… owie! Have they seen where the character is holding it? They’r e gonna burn their little hands off!

    How many quests can you complete daily? Knowing the numbers to complete the tiers is good, but it doesn’t indicate how many days’ work it is. :)

    Thank you for posting these. I guess I’ll save my tokens up to add for other festivals now they’re non-specific (I think they’re sucking the fun out of the festivals now with this, which is a shame after the brilliant Farmer’s one). Hopefully something good will come up as an option from the sacks.

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  4. Lanark

    Don’t forget that the Inn League and Ale Association quests reward badges that can by traded for three festival tokens! My LM already has over 250 festival tokens from festival and the IL delivery quests. Two of the spiral horned cloaks have dropped out of the daily gift quest, bound to account. The Wintery Yule cloak is nice on my Elf, it doesn’t bunch up over her shoulders the way so many cloaks do.

  5. It’s not as bad, or as costly, as you think it is. You can earn more than 70 Tokens each day, and that’s not counting the 2 gold tokens you get for completing the deed (which takes only 20 quests). You can have all 3 mounts in less than 2 days. Or most if not all of the cosmetics.

    • Indeed the regular mounts are neither costly nor difficult to acquire (=20 quests). The concerns are about the war-steed package, which requires Tier 3 of the deed completed (=120 quests).

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